VentureBeat needs to hire me for their Unboxing Videos

[email protected] I’m totally excited to see the HTC Vive and wandered across your unboxing video.  Check it out below. Perhaps you are viewing it for the first time.

I’m going to leave you with a couple of my latest videos below.  See what you think.  I can be available to do this for you if needed. @mccabeio on Twitter. Give me a shout!

That’s just a few of what is offered on my channel.



I just listened to a great Windows Phone and Windows 10 conversation on Home Gadget Geeks episode #245.  Here is the kicker, all these guys are members of The Geeks Network!  Check out 245 with Jim Collison and head over to The Geeks Network and subscribe to them all!


Update: I wasn’t trying to make a joke and fool you guys but apparantly I did. The link to this post was initially a 404 Can’t be found error. Oh, I wish I had thought of that!

Thanks to @RealDarrenCohen for pointing that out!

Surface Sales Stats

Would you be surprised if I told you that you are buying more Surface than you did last year?

Last year it was Surface Pro 3 and lots of Purple and Red Type Covers.  This year it’s Surface Pro 4. I thought it would be SurfaceBook but I’ve seen more SP4.

Right now on one of my networks the i5 SurfaceBook is ranked 4th in overall impressions.  That’s through the entire network of products.  That’s pretty freaking incredible.  Surface Pro 4 m3/128Gb is 10th on that list.  Yes, you are buying some Surface this year. Use my link to buy one yourself.

Top Spot?  It’s a toy.  Nerf Nuke.   And honestly, it’s pretty cool! We must all buy one.

TGN adds new Podcasts

The Geeks Network is just killing it lately!  Check out The Geeks Network here and look at all these great podcasts.  Three new shows!  Observed Tech recently joined as well as SmartHomeHQ, and Open Mike Night.

I’m super proud to have been able to put together a network like TGN and I thank all these podcasts for their extra efforts to promote this network.  Visit The Geeks Network and subscribe to all of them!

The Geeks Network Welcomes Two New Podcasts swap-01 2I’m super excited to tell you about 2 new shows that have joined The Geeks Network. Geekinated and missing remote.  I’ve been listening to, and hanging out with this group of guys for years and am glad they chose to put their shows on TGN.

Use the link below to check out these two new shows as well as the rest of the podcasts on The Geeks Network


I changed my mind on WiFi

I recently poo-poo’d eero’s pricing on their unreleased WiFi product.  I mean come on,  $500 for a WiFi solution?



I’ve come to realize that this is a unique offer for the price and I had better get onboard. Especially after they raised “One Million Dollars” in two days.

I’ve had a love hate relationship with my Wifi. A single Wifi router then a router with an add on Access Point, then another, then scrapped that and went to Apple Airport WDS, then scrapped that, etc, etc.  I now have Ubiquiti.  I love the thought of having a roaming Wifi system all managed from one point.  It does that and it does it pretty good after you work out where each access point needs to be in your house.  It’s not as speedy as I would like it to be though.  I purchased the cheapest version I could possibly get.  Three AP’s for $190 to $200.  It’s 2.4 only.  B/G/N

I want faster and possibly another AP.   Three of the long range AP’s are $236. What I really want is the Pro access point but it’s $209, each!  If you want a solution that supports Wifi 802.11ac then you have to step up to $272 per access point.

eero is starting to look a whole lot better now.  Dual radios, 2.4 and 5.8, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac. Bluetooth LE, Dual auto-sensing Gigabit ports for WAN (cable or DSL modem) and LAN (networked device) connectivity and a USB 2.0 port

It’s in pre-order now.  Actually, 16 hours left as of my order so you best hurry if this intrigues you. If you purchase before midnight on the 15th of February you can get it for $300.  I assume you want 3 access points like me but you can pick up a single eero for $125.


$300 for 3

$125 for 1


$499 for 3

$199 for 1


No reviews, no tests yet. Doesn’t exist.

They charge your credit card now.

I wish it was POE. Oh, that would be awesome.

Not available until Summer 2015.

The ball is in your court eero. A lot of backers are counting on you, including me.  My referral link is below.  If you use it I’ll get $10 back on my order.  You will get your own link to do so as well.

Saygus V2 Extended Pre-Order Time

I showed you the Saygus V2 here.

Saygus is extending the “Pre-Order” deadline through Saturday, February 7 at 11:59 p.m. MST (06:59 Sunday, February 8/GMT)!! The pre-registration price package (additional battery and screen protector) of $549 will ONLY be available to customers who pre-registered. Regular price is $599.

Saygus also has a couple of videos for you.

What you might have missed on The Geeks Network

Here is what happened on The Geeks Network for the week of February 2nd.

Surface Geeks

Surface Geeks 83 – Windows Phone, RT, and 10 in 30 minutes or less.

Surface Pro 3 $100 Off

HP Stream 7 Tablet, Office 365, $79

Home Server Show

Synology Beyond Cloud – Unboxing and Setup

WD Red 3TB NAS Drive $110

Should you buy Essentials Server now or wait?

Home Automation Forums

D-Link Unboxing of some Home Automation Gear

Home Gadget Geeks

Fitness Wearables, UBI, HomeBoy Cameras

Agnostic Tech Podcast

Windows 10 and Windows 10

and here on

 The Saygus V2 – Is there a podcast in you?

Browser Stats

Just the stats ma’am.

Browsers on Forums

Chrome – 48%

FireFox – 22%

IE – 17%

Safari – 10%

Amazon Silk – .06%


Browsers on Forums

Chrome – 37.59%

IE – 37.37%

FireFox – 12.09%

Safari – 10.76%

Amazon Silk – .14%

There are a handful of other browsers that complete each site to 100%.


The Week of the E-Mail

What an odd week. Email was front and center.

Amazon offers a business e-mail service

Google and Inbox – Still invite only but they opened it up for 24 hours. No doubt a response to the next news item.

Microsoft Outlook, the best app for GMail?

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