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RESET 16 – News

A couple of things to talk about this week. If you survived the  CES podcasts this one DOES NOT go over CES. Woohoo! Let’s talk some old style Windows Home Server Version 1. Lights out. Windows Phone, Tablets, Eero, Orbi, Lan Speed Test, and more.



Lights Out

The Pure Plop SSD HDD Enclosure

Cube WP10

Microsoft Patent on tablet


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I just listened to a great Windows Phone and Windows 10 conversation on Home Gadget Geeks episode #245.  Here is the kicker, all these guys are members of The Geeks Network!  Check out 245 with Jim Collison and head over to The Geeks Network and subscribe to them all!


Update: I wasn’t trying to make a joke and fool you guys but apparantly I did. The link to this post was initially a 404 Can’t be found error. Oh, I wish I had thought of that!

Thanks to @RealDarrenCohen for pointing that out!

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