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On RESET 14 I’m talking with Jose Ortiz and Kevin Schoonover about Wifi products. Eero, Luma, Orbi, Almond, Plume, Ubiquiti, and Google Wifi.  Which one is the best? Are there other variables involved.  It’s a lot to talk about so hang on!

You can find  Kevin and Jose at discussing this topic and many more.

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I changed my mind on WiFi

I recently poo-poo’d eero’s pricing on their unreleased WiFi product.  I mean come on,  $500 for a WiFi solution?



I’ve come to realize that this is a unique offer for the price and I had better get onboard. Especially after they raised “One Million Dollars” in two days.

I’ve had a love hate relationship with my Wifi. A single Wifi router then a router with an add on Access Point, then another, then scrapped that and went to Apple Airport WDS, then scrapped that, etc, etc.  I now have Ubiquiti.  I love the thought of having a roaming Wifi system all managed from one point.  It does that and it does it pretty good after you work out where each access point needs to be in your house.  It’s not as speedy as I would like it to be though.  I purchased the cheapest version I could possibly get.  Three AP’s for $190 to $200.  It’s 2.4 only.  B/G/N

I want faster and possibly another AP.   Three of the long range AP’s are $236. What I really want is the Pro access point but it’s $209, each!  If you want a solution that supports Wifi 802.11ac then you have to step up to $272 per access point.

eero is starting to look a whole lot better now.  Dual radios, 2.4 and 5.8, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac. Bluetooth LE, Dual auto-sensing Gigabit ports for WAN (cable or DSL modem) and LAN (networked device) connectivity and a USB 2.0 port

It’s in pre-order now.  Actually, 16 hours left as of my order so you best hurry if this intrigues you. If you purchase before midnight on the 15th of February you can get it for $300.  I assume you want 3 access points like me but you can pick up a single eero for $125.


$300 for 3

$125 for 1


$499 for 3

$199 for 1


No reviews, no tests yet. Doesn’t exist.

They charge your credit card now.

I wish it was POE. Oh, that would be awesome.

Not available until Summer 2015.

The ball is in your court eero. A lot of backers are counting on you, including me.  My referral link is below.  If you use it I’ll get $10 back on my order.  You will get your own link to do so as well.

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