Here is a list of some of the things that caught my attention at CES 2017.  I’ve talked about most of this stuff on two podcasts and several videos.  Those are listed here as well.  It’s a roundup of links!


HGG 292 – Jim Collison’s Podcast where I list a whole bunch of fun stuff about CES. Listen here.

My list of video shot at CES 2017.  More on my YouTube channel

Lenova makes an Alexa

Epson Smart Glasses for Drones and DJI

Alexa with a screen, Nucleus

Linksys Velop

Almond 3



Netgear Orbi

Ubiquiti Amplifi



The WiFi Podcast

Synology announces a new router

BitDefender Box

Norton Security in the Game

Smart Home Fun

Fishing Drone

Fridge Cam

Trash Can Cam, reorders with Dash

Toothbrush Analyzes your brushing and provides a game for kids to encourage brusing

Shirt Folder

Pool Tech

Ooma getting into smart home

Lenovo PC’s

LG Gram

Intel Credit Card PC

Hello Surface Studio, I’m Dell

Surface Pro 3 and 4 base keyboard

SmartHome Lutron for SmartThings